Dibs on the *mybrand*sucks.com,



It has already become a post-modernist cliché, appealing to the never-ending power of the Internet. While the passive online minority resisting Obama spies can still try to be in denial, for those on the frontline of PR ‘Internet connecting people’ has become a legitimate axiom: “I believe in God, and the Internet is my religion,” as Jim Gilliam has said.

Why would people get engaged? What makes us “share”, “tweet”, “post”? As Brian Solis noted, positive experience is likely to remain within a friends circle. A “pissedconsumer” however will tell everybody.

He referrs to a study conducted by FairWinds, which uncovered over 20,000 “sucks.com” domains with 2,000 ending in the phrase “stinks.com.” Some of the major consumer-facing companies surveyed “put dibs” on potential threat by buying domains with the name for their brand followed by the word “sucks.” However a brand dedicated website is only one platform to make unsatisfied opinion public. Imagine there are thousands – and this is not science fiction.

One shouldn’t be a prophet to master the Internet religion, or at least to learn playing along. ‘Listen and follow meaningful conversations’, could be indeed an efficient solution.

Earning a crowd-sourced brand you deserve is obviously costly. With the abundance of platforms popping up on almost daily basis, certain skepticism could indeed be justified. Where to get resources to monitor the entire Conversation Prism? How to keep track of the new channels? Filter and prioritize? When to get involved and when to stay silent?

Apparently, those questions should remain rhetorical. In digital political communication there is nothing to be afraid of as the fear itself.

‘Just do it’.


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