Is It Really How Google promotes Itself?


Few days ago The Guardian published an article with a very direct title “Google Plus is the Best Social Media Platform” on the Internet”. In case that the message was not entirely clear, author added a subtitle “Why Google Plus is the best social media network on the Internet today”. The text that follows is aimed to provide the reasons.

Simple quantative analysis: 573 words, 17 mentions of “Google Plus”, 20 of just “Google”, angry comments in the total amount of 7. I made an effort to go through the entire text, but failed. As probably most of the readers would.

My question is, since it’s obviously no journalism, is it PR? Do articles like this one have right to online life? I wonder, to which extent Google PR service was responsible for this piece of promotion. Reaction of the readers is obviously negative. Audience of The Guardian is definitely not the best recipient of cheap uncovered advertisement presented as journalism.

However in the end, the article did prompt a discussion – and this blog post became part of it. What Google gained is feedback and more mentions online. What it lost – are image points. Whether this strategy is efficient in a long run remains doubtful.



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