What I gained from having ‘friends’


And what I paid for it.

What is crucial for me when it comes to mass media? I want information to be preselected for me, analyzed, transmitted fast and in an easily accessible way. In this case the key criteria would be Filter, Expertise, Speed and Accessibility.

To satisfy this not too picky demand of mine, I installed on my smart phone apps for BBC, CNN, Deutsche Welle and RIA Novosti – successful broadcasting agencies from different world regions. With permanent internet connection I can have all the criteria fulfilled while being on a tram, train, bus – on my way to the ‘real’ life. What happens (and please throw a stone at me if it has never happened to you), I end up checking news feed on Facebook, Foresquare, Twitter and reading What’sApp/Viber messages.

News consumption became social (Yussi Pick: “Das Echo-Prinzip”). It’s not enough for me to Know – I want to know what concerns my friends. And I want to Chat about it. Why?

As a journalist, I would argue from the perspective of communications. It doesn’t matter what A says about itself. It matters what B says about A – fundamental rule of PR. Google ranking works in the same way. Exactly as our ‘personal information ranking system’ does. I pick my own leaders of opinion. I am one myself. Thus with Speed and Accessibility on the part of technology, Filter and Expertise to a large extent are fulfilled by the Users.

What I gain? Free info service provided by my ‘friends’. What I pay for it is selling my own ‘friendship’ with a good deal on a ‘get plus one for free’ personal data sharing included in the package. For what it’s worth, majority defines what’s normal. And I definitely am, as 1.73 billion of other social network [L]Users.


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